Luke Harris
Of Playing to Vapors

Lucas is a musician.  Lucas is in a band called Playing to Vapors.  Lucas writes many strange songs, and complex chord structures.  Once you think you have a grasp on what his music sounds like, it will most certainly surprise you again.

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Anthony Mossburg

Four years. Four original albums.  Thousands of shows around the country.

Three years after picking up a guitar in a college dorm room, Anthony Mossburg left the stability of a full-time job to chase after the only thing that made him feel alive: music.

What followed over the next four years was a series of accolades, achievements, risks, near-misses, and setbacks that indefinitely shaped him as an artist and a person. With several bootstrap tours and three independent albums under his belt, Anthony is now living in Columbus, Ohio, and is headlining shows around the country.

His breakthrough song, “Whiskey and Wine”, introduced a new sound to his avid fanbase, and shed a light into his evolution as an artist. The hard work and risks didn’t go unnoticed. Early in 2015, the song broke into the Top 10 on coveted iTunes Singer/Songwriter category.

Now, he is squaring his sights on introducing his soulful voice, gutsy lyrics, and melodic tones into a new direction that will push his creative talent like never before. This is just the beginning.

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Jenny Flory
Influenced by old-school soul, blues and jazz singers, Jenny Flory’s voice has a timeless sophistication and powerful presence that pairs beautifully with her accompaniment on the acoustic guitar. She reaches deep into a well of passion and soul, delivering moving ballads and upbeat melodies that strike a chord in captive audiences throughout the Columbus, Ohio area… and beyond.
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Orion DiFranco
Of Orion and the Constellations

A self-taught musician with penchant for hard work, Orion serves as the front man for industrial blues trio Orion and the Constellations. When he took a blue-collar job at a well-known steel mill he hit the jackpot, not only with an afternoon shift schedule that gave him time to connect with the late-night local music scene, but with the introduction to a fellow steel-worker’s sons, drummer Erik and and bass player Jason Rau.

In addition to now working as an Engineer at the same mill, Orion enjoys spending time with his wife and serving on the Board of the Columbus Song Writer’s Association.

In 2016, Orion and the Constellations produced their first album, 10 years, and won an Ohio Music Award for Best Contemporary Adult Song of the Year. They are featured on blues radio stations in the US, UK and France and are working on producing a second album in 2017.

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